Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost There

So last week Katie and Madison told there classes all about the book drive. They told them about Gabriel and how we lost him and why we do the book drive. They are very brave and strong girls that I’m very proud of. Jenna told her class about it all today and she said she cried. What wonderful girls I have.

Katie decided to make a donation box to take to school and Madison told her class about the box that’d be outside of Katie’s classroom. Today they took the box and after school it was full of books. We counted 60 books that can be used. When getting books from elementary children there are always books that are not quite nice enough to use. But the generosity is still the same and we are still very thankful for those students who are so excited and eager to help in our book drive. Madison said one girl in her class had two grocery bags and her and her sisters backpacks full. Madison was sure to give this little girl a big hug and tell her thank you.

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We also added to the tally another 17 books from Highland High School in Pocatello, Thank you Rams.

I’m still awaiting a box from Texas to update our tally and I’m meeting another generous mom this weekend to get books from so I know we still have more to add but we are only 257 books away from our goal. That is so exciting!!! There may be books that are unusable once we get to our cleaning event but we are still so extremely thankful for all the donations. I’m positive we’ll reach 2000.

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