Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blackfoot Elementary Schools

I’m sending a big thank you to Stoddard, Stalker & Wapello Elementary students. I contacted Annie Tanner from Stoddard Elementary in Blackfoot because she helped us with the book drive last year. This year she contacted the representatives for Idaho Reads! VISTA at Stalker Elementary and also Wapello Elementary. There Shelia from Stalker and Tracy from Wapello set up collections for the book drive as well. Stoddard collected 241 books, Stalker collected 174 books & Wapello collected 148 books. On Wednesday we will meet in Pocatello and take a couple pictures for the the Blackfoot local paper, that wants to do a write up about the book drive. I’ll collect their donated books from these wonderful ladies, who have helped in this great cause. I want to thank all those students and parents from these 3 Blackfoot schools for their generosity and help. This is why we make sure Bingham Memorial in Blackfoot receives books from the book drive. This is for the benefit of the communities that help. When I get pictures I’ll update them on the blog.

Gabe's 3rd Birthday Cake (9)

Shelia Evans, Me, Annie Tanner & Tracy Folsom. We met and these wonderful ladies delivered 563 books on 1/25/12. When we met I found out that Shelia is Sonja Wright’s daughter, Sonja is Colleen’s (my mother in law) 1st cousin. Crazy small world.

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