Friday, January 13, 2012

Cheaper Keepers & Money Donations

Today David and I went out in search of affordable books to buy with the donated money for the book drive. We had $140 to work with and our first stop was a little store called Cheaper Keepers. This store was recommended to me by the manager of the store who is in our ward. She told us that they had lots of children's books, new and used at discounted prices.  When we got there we were surprised at how many books they had, and most were new. We started adding books to our cart and quickly had 51 books in our cart. We then went to check out and she told us that since we spent more than $20 we got and extra 20% off our sale and most of the books were already 10% off. Then she surprised us with 64 more new books that were all very nice hardcover books, the store wanted to donate to our book drive. Over all we walked out of Cheaper Keepers with 112 books and only spent $90. Only 11 of those books were used. Then we went to Costco and spent the other $50 on The Hunger Games series and all 5 books in The Wrinkle in Time series. So today we’re up 123 books and it’s all thanks to 3 generous people who donated money for the book drive and the store Cheaper Keepers in American Fork.

The picture below is all the new books we came home with today. I’m getting so excited for the book drive’s final delivery and I’m so thankful for all the great support we’ve received. I also learned from my sister in law that Primary Children’s Hospital can only accept new donations, so I’m planning on reserving several of our new books for them, assuming I get enough donations to spread the books over all the hospitals I want to go to first.

book drive 002

I also changed our book labels a little this year and added the Donate LIFE logo. We’ve had such an awesome experience having a member of our family be an organ donor, and have loved getting to know our donor recipient family. Organ Donation is definitely something we support.

book drive 001

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