Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dry Creek Ward Young Women

My good friend Jennifer Tolman is the Young Women’s President of the LDS Dry Creek Ward in Lehi, and she came to me asking if her girls could help with our book drive for a service night at mutual. Of course I told her I’d love her help. Tonight was the night they had their service activity. They asked me to come and to tell our families story and about Gabriel. I told them about how we lost our boy and then why we do this book drive. I told them how much it means to our family and how much it means to the children in the hospitals who receive these donated books.  I took 260 books down for them to clean & label. Then they also brought 95 books to donate. It was a large group of young women and they did a wonderful job. They worked quickly and thoroughly. Several of them told me thank you for sharing our families story and for letting them take part. I was impressed with these young women’s desire to serve. I love the opportunity to share our story, even though it is difficult at time. I love to show people how we have grown from our trial and how we can bless others lives from the things we have learned through this trial.

I want to tell the young women and leaders of the Dry Creek ward thank you. Thank you for your desire and willingness to help. Thank you for participating and donating in a project that means so much to our family and many many others.

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