Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today I have finalized two more book deliveries. We will be delivering 300 books to American Fork Hospital on Friday the 3rd. Then we will delivering 500 books to Primary Children’s Medical Center on Friday the 10th. They have agreed to take 500 now and then another 500 when they start to run low. I can’t wait to get these books delivered. Hopefully next week I’ll here from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and be able to take them a few hundred books. With PCMC and American Fork books delivered and set aside we will have 700 books left to donate!

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  1. My little niece is at PCMC. I know she got a book a few weeks ago (to keep...forever!)and it was the highlight of her day. Such a nice project you're doing. Her book was obviously from someone else but I know the kids love it.