Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Logan Hospital Delivery

Today my sweet SIL delivered 100 books to Logan, UT hospital for me. I love that she is so willing to help in anyway I need. She totally took charge of contacting & delivering at both the Preston and Logan hospitals since they are in her neck of the woods. She is an amazing sister and has supported me so fully in the endeavor.

I Love you Stacy!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preston Idaho Hospital

On January 28th my sweet sister in laws Stacy & Sam delivered 100 books to the Preston Idaho Hospital.

Below: Preston Hospital Rep’s, Sam, Clayton (holding pictures of him & Gabriel) & Kaleb looking at all the books.

Thank You ladies!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pocatello Book Drive

Yesterday day David and I got up early and headed to Blackfoot to get the donated books from all the Blackfoot schools that helped us out. Then we headed back to Pocatello and met everyone that had came to help at the North Stake Building. We had a great turnout and ended up getting done the cleaning, labeling & sorting into specific hospital boxes. The end total was 732 books.
After we finished then we gave lots of hugs and thank you’s and then David, Katie and I headed to Bingham Memorial in Blackfoot and we took 132 books up to their nurses station where the children stay.
As soon as we got back to Pocatello we headed straight to Portnuef Medical Center. Where Melinda, Sarah, Madison, Jenna & Isaac met us. We then met with a Peds Nurse named Tiffany who took us to the Peds floor and accepted our 200 books for them . We visited a little bit with her, it turns out that David already knew her. They were in High School together and in their yearbook their names are actually switched under their pictures. David is listed as Tiffany Sasser & Tiffany is listed as David Saville. Tiffany told how much the hospital loves the books we donate and they are so excited that even now 3 years later we are still bringing them books.
We ended up with 200 Books for EIRMC, 200 Books for Portnuef Medical Center, 100 Books for Bingham Memorial. 100 Books for Preston Hospital & 100 for Logan Hospital.
When we are able to contact all the Utah Hospitals we’ll give an update on them.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Utah Books from Gabriel clean, label & sort…

Today we started at 9AM with 7 ladies cleaning, labeling & sorting all the donated books in Utah. We visited and enjoyed each others company while completing a great service.

When we receive the donated books we do not take them to the hospital until they have been wiped down with disinfecting wipes and checked for anything that may need to be blacked out like personal names or anything left from the previous owner. Then we label each book with a label that says:

Donated in Loving Memory of
Gabriel Grant Saville
January 26, 2009 – July 12, 2010

Then all the books are sorted into categories Board Books, Holiday, Religious, Activity, Early Readers, Chapter Books & Young Adult Books. Then we did a final count which was 1190 for the Utah Books. Once I contact all the hospitals that we will be delivering to and see how many books they would like then we will put together an assortment of all age books and deliver them to each hospital.

To go through 1190 books in just 3 hours is a great accomplishment for just the few of us that came. Our Thanks go to Brooke, JoAnna, Melenie, Sondra, Michelle & Katie!

Utah Cleaning 006

Friday, January 18, 2013

Coming to a Close

The book drive this year is coming to a close. Tomorrow morning we will clean, label & organize all the books received in Utah. We will have them all ready to distribute to as many hospitals as we can.

Today David and I took all the money donated and purchased 44 new books that put us over 1700 in books total. Thank you to those who sent monetary donations, those donations really help provide enough books for young adults. We generally get a lot of books for infants and early readers but we struggle to get very many young adult books.

Next weekend we've planned to clean, label & organize all the books received in Idaho and distribute them to Portnuef Medical on Gabriel's Birthday, the 26th. The other books from Idaho will hopefully be sent to 2 or 3 other Idaho hospitals. All the Utah books will go to Utah hospitals, since our numbers are down this year we won't be able to donate the 1000 to PCMC like we did last year but we'll do what we can.

Thank you again for all your support this project means so much to our family and benefits so many grateful children & their parents.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

KSL Interview

We are so excited to share our interview on KSL Channel 5 with Lori Prichard. We’ve been trying since Thanksgiving to get someone at KSL to finds some interest in our story. The web department said it was unlikely to get an article published, which was discouraging. Then I sent a Facebook message to KSL’s Jenn Hardman and she was awesome she started right away talking to her producers to find someone one interested in our story. Finally she put me in touch with the noon producer Kristine Pratt and she got us lined up for an interview on January 9th at noon with Lori Prichard. It was a live interview and I was really nervous. Nervous to cry on air, nervous to look too fat & most of all nervous to be tongue tied. I tell Gabriel’s story all the time but to tell it in 3 minutes and on Live TV was scary. But, I think I did alright.

After the interview David and I assumed it’d be posted online right away but it took a few days. So today we were so excited when we received a comment on the blog saying they saw our story on We have now had over 400 hits on this blog and a few comments on here and KSL a monetary donation and promises of books being dropped off on Monday. We are so happy that our story has been shared again.

For those of you who want to help our cause but feel time is too short since the book drive ends on the 14th we wanted to give you a little more time. We will be picking up all our drop off location boxes on Tuesday the 15th but if you are in the general vicinity of Salt Lake or Utah County and wouldn’t mind meeting us somewhere we would be happy to still get your books anytime up to the 25th and they will be used in this year’s book drive. Otherwise our home address is on the donation’s page and you can donate there year round. We do plan of continuing our book drive as long as we have support.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and all your support it means the world to us.


Link to Interview & Article