Friday, January 18, 2013

Coming to a Close

The book drive this year is coming to a close. Tomorrow morning we will clean, label & organize all the books received in Utah. We will have them all ready to distribute to as many hospitals as we can.

Today David and I took all the money donated and purchased 44 new books that put us over 1700 in books total. Thank you to those who sent monetary donations, those donations really help provide enough books for young adults. We generally get a lot of books for infants and early readers but we struggle to get very many young adult books.

Next weekend we've planned to clean, label & organize all the books received in Idaho and distribute them to Portnuef Medical on Gabriel's Birthday, the 26th. The other books from Idaho will hopefully be sent to 2 or 3 other Idaho hospitals. All the Utah books will go to Utah hospitals, since our numbers are down this year we won't be able to donate the 1000 to PCMC like we did last year but we'll do what we can.

Thank you again for all your support this project means so much to our family and benefits so many grateful children & their parents.

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