Saturday, January 12, 2013

KSL Interview

We are so excited to share our interview on KSL Channel 5 with Lori Prichard. We’ve been trying since Thanksgiving to get someone at KSL to finds some interest in our story. The web department said it was unlikely to get an article published, which was discouraging. Then I sent a Facebook message to KSL’s Jenn Hardman and she was awesome she started right away talking to her producers to find someone one interested in our story. Finally she put me in touch with the noon producer Kristine Pratt and she got us lined up for an interview on January 9th at noon with Lori Prichard. It was a live interview and I was really nervous. Nervous to cry on air, nervous to look too fat & most of all nervous to be tongue tied. I tell Gabriel’s story all the time but to tell it in 3 minutes and on Live TV was scary. But, I think I did alright.

After the interview David and I assumed it’d be posted online right away but it took a few days. So today we were so excited when we received a comment on the blog saying they saw our story on We have now had over 400 hits on this blog and a few comments on here and KSL a monetary donation and promises of books being dropped off on Monday. We are so happy that our story has been shared again.

For those of you who want to help our cause but feel time is too short since the book drive ends on the 14th we wanted to give you a little more time. We will be picking up all our drop off location boxes on Tuesday the 15th but if you are in the general vicinity of Salt Lake or Utah County and wouldn’t mind meeting us somewhere we would be happy to still get your books anytime up to the 25th and they will be used in this year’s book drive. Otherwise our home address is on the donation’s page and you can donate there year round. We do plan of continuing our book drive as long as we have support.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and all your support it means the world to us.


Link to Interview & Article

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