Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pocatello Book Drive

Yesterday day David and I got up early and headed to Blackfoot to get the donated books from all the Blackfoot schools that helped us out. Then we headed back to Pocatello and met everyone that had came to help at the North Stake Building. We had a great turnout and ended up getting done the cleaning, labeling & sorting into specific hospital boxes. The end total was 732 books.
After we finished then we gave lots of hugs and thank you’s and then David, Katie and I headed to Bingham Memorial in Blackfoot and we took 132 books up to their nurses station where the children stay.
As soon as we got back to Pocatello we headed straight to Portnuef Medical Center. Where Melinda, Sarah, Madison, Jenna & Isaac met us. We then met with a Peds Nurse named Tiffany who took us to the Peds floor and accepted our 200 books for them . We visited a little bit with her, it turns out that David already knew her. They were in High School together and in their yearbook their names are actually switched under their pictures. David is listed as Tiffany Sasser & Tiffany is listed as David Saville. Tiffany told how much the hospital loves the books we donate and they are so excited that even now 3 years later we are still bringing them books.
We ended up with 200 Books for EIRMC, 200 Books for Portnuef Medical Center, 100 Books for Bingham Memorial. 100 Books for Preston Hospital & 100 for Logan Hospital.
When we are able to contact all the Utah Hospitals we’ll give an update on them.

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