Saturday, January 19, 2013

Utah Books from Gabriel clean, label & sort…

Today we started at 9AM with 7 ladies cleaning, labeling & sorting all the donated books in Utah. We visited and enjoyed each others company while completing a great service.

When we receive the donated books we do not take them to the hospital until they have been wiped down with disinfecting wipes and checked for anything that may need to be blacked out like personal names or anything left from the previous owner. Then we label each book with a label that says:

Donated in Loving Memory of
Gabriel Grant Saville
January 26, 2009 – July 12, 2010

Then all the books are sorted into categories Board Books, Holiday, Religious, Activity, Early Readers, Chapter Books & Young Adult Books. Then we did a final count which was 1190 for the Utah Books. Once I contact all the hospitals that we will be delivering to and see how many books they would like then we will put together an assortment of all age books and deliver them to each hospital.

To go through 1190 books in just 3 hours is a great accomplishment for just the few of us that came. Our Thanks go to Brooke, JoAnna, Melenie, Sondra, Michelle & Katie!

Utah Cleaning 006

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