Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Week’s Books & Kael’s Blanket Drive

On Wednesday last week I met my friend Brigette and gave her some blankets and stuffed animals for her blanket drive. Like our book drive they do an annual Blanket & stuffed animal drive for Primary Children’s Medical Center in memory of their son Kael. To read more about their family go here. Brigette has been awesome to support our book drive the last two years and we greatly appreciate it.


After meeting with Brigette we went to the Riverton Hospital. We delivered 249 books to their Volunteer Service’s director for their Pediatric floor. Katie, Madison & David couldn’t make it to this drop off.Sad smile

Andrea@Riverton (2)

On Friday the whole family went and delivered books to Timpanogos Regional Hospital and to Utah Valley Regional Hospital. We took 250 to UVR & 254 to Timpanogos Regional.

We only have enough books to deliver to 2 more hospital’s hopefully I’ll get those lined up with in the next 2 weeks.



Some of our picture’s turned out blurry, I suppose that’s what you get for taking them will my iPhone. I guess I need to take the good camera from now on.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (Idaho Falls, ID)

Today my good Friend Lisa Bloxham delivered 200 books to EIRMC. I’m so thankful to her for helping us out.

Last year she was a huge support too, even though she lived in Oklahoma. Her family hasn’t had the easiest time of it in the past few years. Their little girl Gracie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (cancer) when she was 3. Gracie is now 6 years old, in remission & doing great.

Lisa & I were friends in High School but not close friends, when heartache is involved it’s amazing how you bond and grow unexpected friendships that will last forever.

While Gracie’s parents were worrying about losing her everyday, I was grieving the loss of my Gabie and we became a support to one another on Facebook. It was never more than an encouraging remark from time to time but it always meant the world to me, and I’m glad I was able to reciprocate.

Last year Lisa sent us 2 large boxes of books in the mail and some money to buy books they were greatly appreciated. This last year The Bloxham family moved to Ammon, ID and I was so excited that they were close enough to come to our Book Drive Cleaning day. Then Lisa was willing to deliver the books to EIRMC since they are close to it and her husband is now an ER Doctor there. If you want to read more about Amazing Gracie’s story go here.

I got an email from Holly and she said they are currently treating 16 Pediatric patients and they are so excited to have books for them. That’s GREAT!!

Thank You Lisa!!

Lisa at EIRMC

Books from Gabriel 2013 008

Honestly I can’t say Thank You enough to all those who have helped us!

Friday, February 8, 2013

American Fork Hospital

Today David, the kids and I took our donated books to the American Fork Hospital. We met our friend Sharon at the front desk and took a quick picture. Then we turned over 207 books of several reading levels. I hope if anyone has an experience’s with receiving or giving a book from the American Fork Hospital they will share it with us.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Topped 2000:)

Yesterday a new friend in our ward stopped by with 2 large boxes of books. After church last night I sorted through them and was so excited that there were only a few that we couldn’t use. There were 236 the were in great condition and we’ll be adding to our piles separated for the hospitals in Utah. I can’t say how AWESOME I think it is to receive so many great books from one family. Thank You so Much Jessica and Family!!