Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Week’s Books & Kael’s Blanket Drive

On Wednesday last week I met my friend Brigette and gave her some blankets and stuffed animals for her blanket drive. Like our book drive they do an annual Blanket & stuffed animal drive for Primary Children’s Medical Center in memory of their son Kael. To read more about their family go here. Brigette has been awesome to support our book drive the last two years and we greatly appreciate it.


After meeting with Brigette we went to the Riverton Hospital. We delivered 249 books to their Volunteer Service’s director for their Pediatric floor. Katie, Madison & David couldn’t make it to this drop off.Sad smile

Andrea@Riverton (2)

On Friday the whole family went and delivered books to Timpanogos Regional Hospital and to Utah Valley Regional Hospital. We took 250 to UVR & 254 to Timpanogos Regional.

We only have enough books to deliver to 2 more hospital’s hopefully I’ll get those lined up with in the next 2 weeks.



Some of our picture’s turned out blurry, I suppose that’s what you get for taking them will my iPhone. I guess I need to take the good camera from now on.

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  1. Thank you so much again!! I love that we can do this in honor of our sweet boys!! Big hugs mama!!