Saturday, December 7, 2013

2014 Book Drive News

So those of you who may follow this blog know that for the first Birthday that came along after Gabe died we started this Book Drive in his memory. We found that this helped to keep us busy and not so sad during the day of Gabriel’s Birthday. We’ve had 3 very successful years of doing this book drive. We’ve donated over 4,000 books to hospitals in Utah and Idaho. We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in Gabriel’s name. Just this week we were reminded of what a great service this has been when we received this comment from The Meek Family:

I just wanted to let you know my 4 year old son Blake had an EEG this morning at Primary Children's in Riverton and enjoyed reading one of Gabriel's books while they attached everything. Thank you! I took his pic reading after I noticed the sticker on the back :)

Comments like this one make me remember why we have enjoyed doing Gabriel’s Book Drive so much. What a fantastic feeling to do a service for so many children.

When we started this it was  form of therapy for us and last year as much as we loved it and loved all our support it was becoming more of a stress than a therapy. We are not stopping this traditions but we are going to slow down our efforts to advertise it as much.  We still would absolutely love to get your New or Like New books and we will be delivering them to local hospitals here and in Pocatello. We just won’t be pushing to get news coverage or business help to do so. We want to do this service to remember Gabriel but we also want time to celebrate our memories of him. So this year on his 5th Birthday we will be having a Birthday dinner with his grandparents and cake but we won’t be going crazy labeling books and delivering them on his Birthday. Which is good anyway because January 26th falls on a Sunday this year. We’re looking forward to a laid back easy day of remembrance for our Gabriel.

Now if you have books for us to deliver please just mail them or drop them by, all that information is still on the how to donate page. We do hope that we still have support with the efforts of the book drive we just aren’t going to fill our holiday season with the stress of organizing such a huge book drive. It’d be awesome if we still receive enough books to donate a few hundred to more than one hospital but if we don’t we will be happy with any small bit of service we can do in Gabriel’s name.

I hope those of you who have helped us in the past understand why we are changing things this year and that you will still feel like dropping by a book or two. I hope that this is the right coarse of action for us to celebrate Gabriel’s life and remember him. If not then we may change things up again next year but you just never know until you try it.

Thank you and we Love you all for all your great support. Please feel free to contact me if you wanted to continue to help with the book drive like you have in the past.

We’ve already had a few books donated by Madison’s 6th grade teacher and we are so thankful for them.


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