Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yesterday my mom, sister and I organized, cleaned and labeled the most recent books delivered to us. First of all thank you so much for all your support. We’ve had books delivered from all over the place.

When we finished getting all the books counted and put away our new total for this year is…  412!! We are still short 78 books to reach our 500 mark. I feel positive that we’ll make it because I have another fabulous friend who told me she will be giving us 100+ in the next week or two. Yay!! We’ll keep you posted on the total that we end up with and where they all go.

I would like to ask anyone who still has books for us to go ahead and bring them over our deadline this year isn’t until February 20th so we still have time. The only other question I ask is that you take care in only sending books that are “LIKE NEW” OR “NEW”. We have receive a lot of books that were just to worn out to give as a gift to a child in the Hospital.

With that said I wanted to explain a little how out book drive works. Our books are given to the staff over the pediatric floors or the hospital’s we choose. Those same books are then “GIVEN” not loaned to the children. These books are truly a Gift from Gabriel. They are to be sent home with children or siblings of children who are in the hospital. So when going through your books a good way to know if they are in good enough condition is to say “Would I feel comfortable wrapping this book up as a gift for a neighbor’s child’s Birthday?” Most of our books are in very good condition but there still have been about 100 that we couldn’t use. So please just be aware of that. Thank you so much and we love you all for such great support.

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