Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Book Drive is Ongoing

Today I decided it was time to get the books that have been donated so far counted cleaned and labeled so I’m not overwhelmed as we get closer to Gabriel’s 5th Birthday.

We have 144 books donated so far. We usually have quite a lot more by this time but I haven’t pushed it as much as I usually do so I’m afraid people are thinking that we are not doing the book drive this year. I promise you we are, we just wanted to have it be a little bit more low key and less stressful. So since we are not pushing I think I’d like to set our Goal for 500 books this year. 100 Books for each Birthday Gabriel should have had by January 26, 2014.

The Monday before Christmas we heard a knock on our door and were surprised to see Madison’s 6th Grade teacher and her children at our door with a box of books. Mrs. Botelho had Madison share our Book Drive with her class and ask the classmates to participate in our annual book drive. So when she came to our house we were surprised to see her because we were only waiting on students to donate books. It turns out the Mrs. Botelho talked to some other teachers and asked them to also participate in our Book Drive. So the box she brought were 57 mostly new books donated to us from the teachers of Sage Hills Elementary. We greatly appreciate their donation and are so thankful to those who find value in helping with this service for as many children as we can reach.

Please remember to let Amy know if you have “new” or “like new” books that you’d like to donate to our Book Drive. You can call or text me at 208-251-1362 or email me at amy@savillefamily.org. You may also give your books to Gary and Colleen Saville in Pocatello or Debie Egley in Lava Hot Springs. We would greatly appreciate any help reaching our goal of 500 books.

Book Drive

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