Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Book Delivery of 2014

On Friday 2/21/14 we drove to the Hospital in Pocatello and met with Anita Heany. A few days earlier when I had talked to Anita she had told me that the Hospital had a new policy that they could only accept new books. So maybe we should just wait until next year so we could prepare for that. Hearing that about crushed me. Since Gabriel was at Portnuef when he passed away and we have a relationship with those amazing nurses, that’s the most important place for me to donate books. So I sorted through all 500+ books again and found all the new books that had been donated(we actually had a lot this year). I found 126 new books to take to Pocatello. So anyway we met with Anita and visited a little bit took a few pictures, gave her several hugs and left the books in her hands. It always brings me so much joy to drop those books off. And they were so excited to accept them and so excited to give the books to just the right kids.

Portnuef Book Delivery 2014 (1)Portnuef Book Delivery 2014 (4)Portnuef Book Delivery 2014 (5)

We’re excited to get our other hospital’s contacted and books delivered to them. I hope they all haven’t implemented the new book policy this year so we can deliver all our books.

Please know that if you collect books for us next year we will only be accepting NEW BOOKS ONLY! Because the hospital policies have been changing to control infection they can’t accept Like New books so we won’t be collecting them anymore. So please start collecting your new books now so when next year comes around you’ll have a few new books to donate to our local hospitals. We are so thankful for all your help and the children & parents of those children who receive these books are even more thankful!

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