Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Book Drive

We finished delivering all the books from this years book drive. Although we took it much slower this year with a lot less advertising we still managed to receive 631 books. Our goal was 500 this year, 100 books for each year Gabriel would be old. Without all our your help there is no way we could’ve accomplished this great service. So Thank You!!

The final number of books delivered and to which hospitals. 126 all NEW BOOKS to Portnuef Medical Center in Pocatello, Idaho, 100 Books to Riverton Hospital, 200 Books to American Fork Hospital, 100 Books to Timpanogos Hospital and 105 Books to Preston Idaho Hospital.

The below picture is a bit blurry but it was taken at the Riverton Hospital. We didn’t get pictures from the other Hospitals this year. Everyone is so busy we just got in and out.


I mentioned in an earlier post that next year we will only be accepting NEW BOOKS. Many hospitals can only take new books as donations because of the risk of infection. We have tried very hard to make sure all our donated books are cleaned but having new books is a better guarantee for no germs. So if you’d like to continue to help us with our book drive next year it may be a good idea to pick up a book here and there throughout the year so when next January comes you can donate a few books without worrying about buying a bunch all at once. That will be my plan so we can still donate to at least a few hospitals.

Thanks again so very much for all your amazing help. I will post any comments we receive from patients who receive one of our books. Those are my most favorite stories.

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