Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014-2015 Books from Gabriel Book Drive

It’s that time of year again. We’re ready and excited to begin our Annual Books From Gabriel Book Drive. We have a few changes this year to announce for the Book Drive.

Last year we ran into problems donating the “Like New” books to the hospitals because they are concerned about infection. So to be able to continue donating books and follow the hospital guidelines we are only accepting “NEW” book donations. In an effort to make things easier on those who want to donate we will also be accepting Barnes and Noble Gift Cards and Deseret Book Gift Cards. We also have a PayPal account set up if you’re comfortable donating that way.

I have spoken to Barnes and Noble in Orem Utah and they said that if we remind them when we’re close to the end of the book drive they would love to donate new books to our drive. So in return for their support I’d love to send any business I can their way.

Book Drive Dates:
Starting Today 12/9/14
Ending 1/23/15

Books Needed: Anywhere from Baby Board Books to anything any 18 year old might enjoy. Educational books, game books and coloring or activity books are always fantastic as well.

OUR GOAL 500 Books!!

Gabriel’s Birthday is on January 26th so it’ll be our goal to get the books delivered within the couple weeks after that. We hope to have enough books to deliver 100+ to more than one hospitals pediatric floor. Because Gabriel passed away in Idaho we will donate to the Portnuef Medical Center in Pocatello and because we now live in Utah we would love to receive enough donations to donate to American Fork Hospital and Riverton Hospital.  If we have amazing support we will continue to donate to more local hospitals.

We greatly appreciate any and all support for this great cause. These books are valued by every hospital we are able to donate to. Books are not donated very often and even less now that the hospitals guidelines have changed and they can only accept new books.

This book drive means the world to our family. We love that we are able to do a service for the children and their families that are spending time in the hospital. Gabriel loved books and to be read to so this is a perfect memorial for us to remember him on his Birthday and I think he is proud every year that we’re able to do this in his name.

Please share this information far and wide and help us to make this a fantastic year. Thank You!

Party Time 037

Photo from December 2009. Gabriel’s 1st Christmas.


You can go here if you'd like to donate a Barnes and Noble Gift Card.

You can go here if you'd like to donate a Deseret Book Gift Card.

We can only accept "NEW" books this year so if you live in the area then you can drop a book or two or if you're not close you can mail them. The media rate mail option is the best for mailing books. And donation would be great even if it's just one book. That's one child that wouldn't have received a book before the book drive. Thank You!!

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