Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Book Drive

OK so I’ve struggled finding time to get things going this year so I apologize for not giving earlier notice. But we are excited to announce this is our 6th year doing the Books from Gabriel Book Drive.

Last year we set a goal for 500 books and exceeded it by 329 books. It’s always so exciting to receive so many generous donations. We are so grateful to all of you who participate in our book drive yearly. THANK YOU!!

We would like to set the same goal of 500 books this year but are happy to accept whatever we get. Please remember that because hospitals have a responsibility to keep infection away from their patients we can only accept NEW books. Please call Amy at 208-251-1362 if you have any questions or have books you’d like us to come pick up. You can drop books off to our home or mail them to us at:
2548 Delphinium Way
Saratoga Springs UT  84045

We need books for all ages. Pediatric floors have children from brand new babies to 18 year olds so any kind of book is welcome. Activity books like coloring books, puzzle books and etc. are also wonderful additions. In the last 2 years we’ve also donated some toys like Legos, games and baby toys. The hospitals we ecstatic to receive these generous donations.

We also have the option available to donate funds through PayPal here:
Any funds donated here will be taken to local book stores to buy books to be donated.

Please share this information far and wide even if you can’t donate this year.
Thank you again.
Love The Saville Family

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2014/2015 Book Drive

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this post up. We just finished delivering our last set of books last week so now I will do a recap of all the deliveries for you all.

On January 29th 100 Books were delivered to Preston Idaho Hospital by my sweet sister in law and her boys. My nephew Kaleb helped get the books ready to deliver.

Kaleb washing booksPreston Books (1)Preston Books (2)

On January 30th we were able to deliver 207 Books to Portnuef Medical in Pocatello Idaho. We had an amazing reception there from many of the nurses we grew to love as they cared for our Gabie. We were also able to deliver books to 2 sweet little babies while we were at the Hospital.

Portnuef Delivery (2)Portnuef Delivery (5)Portnuef Delivery (7)

On February 2nd we delivered 150 Books to American Fork Hospital.

American Fork Delivery

On February 18th we delivered 123 Books to Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

Timpanogos Regional Delivery

On February 20th we delivered 124 Books to Utah Valley Regional Hospital.

UVR Delivery

And on March 2nd we delivered 125 Books for Riverton Primary Children’s Wing.

Riverton PC Wing

For our 2014/2015 Books From Gabriel Book Drive we donated 829 Books to 6 Hospitals. This was all made possible my all the wonderful people who helped us along the way by donating funds and so many books. We can’t thank you enough!!

To add a little story to this year’s book drive I’d like to tell you about Clayton. Clayton is my nephew and he and Gabe are buddies. When Gabie was here they were always buddies. They are only a few months apart in age, Clayton being a bit older. Clayton was born with Mowat Wilson’s Syndrome, a very rare Syndrome that has made his life more difficult than most little boys. He’s had several surgeries throughout his 6 years and he is always keeping his mom and dad on their toes.

This last week Clayton had a very large seizure. Seizure's are not uncommon for Clayton but this one was larger than most. He and his mom were Life Flighted from the Preston Hospital to the Portnuef Medical Center in Pocatello. Clayton was there for several days while he received the treatment he needed. During his stay he was getting a bit restless and bored one day and his mom asked his nurse if they had anything he could play with. She returned with a few toys and a book. She then proceeded to tell Stacy that a very sweet family donates books every year in memory of their son who passed away specifically for the patients. Stacy cried, when she composed herself she told the nurse (who didn’t know us and wasn’t one of Gabie’s nurses) that she was that little boy’s Aunt. The nurse said oh well then maybe you don’t want the book (I think maybe she was unsure how to react to Stacy’s comment). Stacy then said no we’d really like to keep that book. It is a book from Gabriel and Gabriel and Clayton are buddies. Clayton enjoyed the book throughout his stay. When Stacy sent me a photo of the book I saw something else interesting. The book that was given to Clayton was a book I specifically remember labeling. It was a book mailed to us from Gabriel’s Heart Recipient’s Great Grandma. So in my mind that book came from both Gabriel and Jack(Gabie’s Heart Recipient).


This story is especially tender to our family but these are the kind of stories we’d love to hear from anyone who has ever received a Book From Gabriel during their stay at the Hospital.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Drive Update

We have received 251 books and $100 to buy books as of today. We are excited to have reached our 1/2 way mark on Books. We will wait until close to the deadline and then we will go and purchase as many books as we can with the donated funds. Thank you to all who support us in the honorable cause.

With Gabriel’s 6th Birthday coming up I thought I’d share a couple photos from his only birthday that he had with us.

Gabe's Birthday 005Gabe's Birthday 009Gabe's Birthday 011Gabe's Birthday 016Gabe's Birthday 022Gabe's Birthday 026Gabe's Birthday 030Gabe's Birthday 032