Saturday, January 16, 2016

Book Drive 2016 Slow Start

We are having a slow start to our book drive this year. As of today we only have 24 books and a box of assorted toys and games donated from Barnes & Noble’s Orem Store. I also have $20 that has been donated to buy books and so far our Usborne Fundraiser is up to $50(which only has 4 days left).

I know we have a few people who have books for us that we haven’t picked up yet so that will deffinitely add to our numbers. On a general note we like to take at least 100 books to each hospital. We set a goal of 500 books this year just like last year but we need your help. We only have 10 days left until Gabriel’s 7th Birthday. Please help us get enough books to donate to a few hospitals.

These books are greatly appreciated. They are given directly to the nurses on the pediatric floors who then deliver them to their patients. I’ve heard many stories of a book being given and calming a freightened child or making a long stay more bearable. Books are not something most Hospitals receive in donations which makes our yearly donation that much more important.

Please remember all the options you have to donate, you can find them here:
How To Donate

Thank you for all your help in bringing joy to all the children who are able to benefit from this book drive. And thank you for helping us, The Saville Family be able to keep Gabriel’s memory alive by serving in his name.

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