Monday, February 29, 2016

Final Count

I know this is been slow coming but I have a final count on our donated books from the book drive this year. The total is approximately 730!! Thank you to all that helped us to reach our goal of 500. I will be delivering the books over the next few weeks to local hospitals.

Pictured: The books donated by those who sent fund to the Usborne fundraiser.


On February 13th we donated approximately 115 books to Portnuef Medical Center in Pocatello.


These girls are silly. We loved all the fun super hero wall stickers at Port. Med.


Thank you to Stacy Egley and her boys for delivering books to the following hospitals:
Preston, Logan Regional and Cache Valley.
156 Books delivered between the 3 hospitals.
Thank you for to all those who donated books through my awesome Sister in Law Stacy!


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