Thursday, December 7, 2017

Feeling Behind...

As the time of year comes around to start the book drive again I'm feeling a little behind. I realize that last year I never did a final post on here about where things ended up. I really do not think I have too many (if any) followers on this website except at donation time so I guess life gets busy and it slips my mind. So here is a final count from the 2017 deliveries.

Primary Children's Medical Center received 109 books on 2/8/17
Preston Idaho Hospital received 71 books
Portnuef Medical Center received 106 books on 2/18/17
American Fork Hospital received 110 books &
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center received 111 books.

Final count: we donated 507 books last year. I am so touched with all the many many people who help us to keep this book drive going. This opportunity has been so healing for our family. There are so many pediatric patients out there who can benefit from this act of kindness and service. I've had personal experiences delivering these books that have touch my heart and remind me that this is a worth while cause even if we only deliver a few books.

Last year we had the opportunity to deliver a book to the son of a friend of mine. He has a rare neurological diagnosis called a chiari malformation. He had his first brain surgery last year around the time of our book drive. He will have 2 more surgeries next week. From talking to his mom I know that the when we visited him and dropped by his book he felt special and cared for. When he felt up to it I hope the book was able to give him a pleasant distraction from all the pain and healing he was doing. I hope to bring him another book this year if possible.

As I get ready to roll out the donation information this year I hope you will think about all the family's that will spend their Holiday's in the hospital. I hope you will want to share with them the joy of a story. Stories can help us feel so much joy, peace & love and I'm so honored to deliver the stories you donate to children at as many hospitals as I can.

Thank you again for you continuing love and support.

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