How to Donate

Book donations need to be NEW. 

All book donations can be dropped off or mailed to:
Books from Gabriel
c/o Amy Saville
2548 Delphinium Way
Saratoga Springs, UT  84045

Contact Information: or 208-251-1362

If you heard about the book drive from UVAnnounce there is a drop box in the work room of the Career Development Center. (LC 409)

If you want to help with our book drive but are unable to deliver books to us, here are a few other options: 

All books will be donated to Hospital Pediatric Patients in Idaho & Utah.

Thank You For All Your Help!


  1. Can we donate books at any other time or do they need to be in by January 14th? I just saw your news clip on KSL, so just learned of Books from Gabriel and would love to donate.

    1. Yes you can donate all year long. Just send the books to our home address or email me and I'll meet you to pick them up. The other drop off locations are only through the actual book drive start & finish.

  2. UVU is advertising this book drive. I was brought to tears as I read the story. Is there any drop off or pick up locations closer to UVU? If not, that's okay. I'm just inquiring.

    1. Hello Lacey,

      I work at UVU in Internship Services. Our office is in LC409 and there is a drop box in our work room for books.