Recipient Comments

These are comments sent to me from parent's and nurses who have received or given a Book from Gabriel. 


Hi Amy, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I gave out 3 of Gabe's books today to 3 very beautiful, young children. They brought huge smiles. One of the books I read to a little 2 year old as she had her blood drawn. The distraction helped calm her a bit and made the procedure go a bit faster for both of us. As I left her room I said a prayer of thanks to your little Gabe. And thought to myself how cool it was that a beautiful little boy could be spreading so much joy from such a beautiful, yet distant, place. So on those especially hard days I hope you can imagine the faces of the little ones you and your family have helped through your heart wrenching loss. I saw those faces today and they truly were angelic. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers tonight and always. Sincerely, Christa

11/8/11(Sent from one of Gabriel’s Awesome nurses)

I've had a difficult time narrowing down my options of personal moments from Gabes books! Every time I see a child's face light up after being gifted a book I think of Gabe and your family! I tell them it's from a special patient of mine that had a giving spirit! From a frantic mom being offered a moment of a nightly ritual, to a child being distracted away from a treatment there are many stories I can tell! What a precious gift of healing books are! Entertaining, bonding, distracting, a getaway to their imagination! I had a teenage patient who had been in the hospital for a few days! She was nauseated and didn't want the TV on. So her mom read her to sleep with one of Gabes books! Her mom said that she hadn't done that since her daughter was little! It was sweet and I don't think it would have happened if there wasn't a book on hand! I gave a toddler "Goodnight Moon" (one of my very favorites), he took it to bed with him in the crib! I re-use the "Find Waldo" books for school aged children because it is very distracting and helps pass time! A lot of times parents do not know they are going to be admitted or are in such a rush to get their children to the hospital that they do not get to bring items from home! So offering them a book helps get the children settled and assists with keeping the nightly routine! I gave a book to one of our chronic babies and was pleased to see that on their return visit it was packed snug in the diaper bag with the edges worn. Thank you for all your hard work!
Shaunna Kramer


My little niece is at PCMC. I know she got a book a few weeks ago (to keep...forever!)and it was the highlight of her day. Such a nice project you're doing. Her book was obviously from someone else but I know the kids love it.  Tonya


We had to take our baby to the ER at Primary Children's in Salt Lake today and we read some books that had your sticker in it while we were there. Thank you for your donations, it made the visit just a little more pleasant :) -Amanda


We took my 23 month old son to the American Fork ER a few weeks ago for stitches and while we were waiting, there were a stack of books donated by you that we were able to read to my son, to distract him from the pain. One of the books that we read, Stretch by Doreen Cronin, he just absolutely fell in love with, I started reading that and it was like he wasn't in any pain at all! The hospital let us bring the book home, and he still asks me to read it to him every day. Thank you so much for your time and donation, it made my son's hospital visit much more pleasant!, by Anonymous.


I just wanted to tell you about a little boy that is fighting a very difficult battle against cancer (being careful not to break our patient privacy rules). He frequents portneuf on in and out patient basis. His favorite part is when we take him back to the storage area and let him pick out a book. He said " its like Christmas!!". And he is so special to us nurses that we let him have as much Christmas as he wants-as his may be limited! 
Thanks again for what you do!


I have been randomly checking on your family since I learned of you through Ashley Sullenger.  Our daughter has been having urinary tract and bladder problems for several years and for the last six months we have been undergoing different procedures and surgeries trying to fix them. We always end up with cute little princess books and just today I realized that they are from your family.  Even though we are never here for extended time periods these books have significantly lowered the stress in and out of these long days.  Thank you.
Here is K'bree with a Gabe book, fresh out of surgery and happy with a book.


  1. My daughter, Kayt, was a recipient of one of Gabe's books while she was in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. When she was having an especially hard time, she asked me to read to her. Thank you so much for your gift that helped her through her hospital stay. I especially appreciate your family's visit to her. It meant so much to us. Thank you!

  2. I just wanted to let you know my 4 year old son Blake had an EEG this morning at Primary Children's in Riverton and enjoyed reading one of Gabriel's books while they attached everything. Thank you! I took his pic reading after I noticed the sticker on the back :)